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  Chapter 14: Five Drone Moves for Shooting Real Estate Videos

My go to top 5 drone moves for shooting real estate videos and my names for the moves!

Peter D'Aprix
Yet another question. I notice especially in these "drone moves" that you often shoot with the sun in front or just to the side of your camera on the drone. I have had a lot of problem with this and my geriatric Phantom 2 that from your videos I realized I have to take to an old age pensioner's palace. I get a lot of flair and often a moving venetian blind effect that renders the footage useless. I find it less at 60fps than at 30fps but it still happens. Are the newer Phantoms less problematic (I know you use the Inspire but have recently tested the Phantom 4) for flair?

One reason I ask is that it is a real problem for obvious reasons but another is that if I have to shoot with the sun behind me, as you have noted elsewhere here, you can end up with the drone shadow just where you don't want it.
Grant Johnston
Yes the Inspire is definitely better for reducing flare as I do not get prop shadows over the lens. The Phantom 4 was pretty good as well as the built in cameras the Phantom series has from the Phantom 3 and up now have the lenses a little better protected from flare and prop shadows. I still saw it a little in the Phantom 4. Another way to help reduce it on your Phantom 2 is with ND filters on your camera to knock back your shutter speed. High shutter speeds when shooting video are really susceptible to this and that jello type effect.

Often you will have little choice about the angle of the sun in relation to the angle of the property you are shooting but I really prefer (when I can) having the sun on the cameras side and slightly to the front, but as I said its often a luxury depending upon your property and sun on the day. You soon get a feel for what works and when to be on alert.
Dean Linnell
Awesome Graham! I currently have a mish-mash of similar shots that I use with my DJI Phantom 4 but now I can refine them. I like the pullback shot for a finish. Nice one!